The Leading company supplier of Moringa, Kapok fiber, Kapok yarn, Palm kernel meal, Palm bunch ash, Arenga Fiber, Arenga Broom, Grass Broom, Wood shavings, Corn cob meal, Etc.

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Agro Raya Co is a leading company of Agricultural  industry  based in Indonesia . We are mainly concerned supplier and manufacturing of Moringa, Kapok Fiber, Kapok Seed, Wood Pellet, Wood Shavings Block, Dried Turmeric Sliced, Dried Galangal Root, Dried Curcuma Sliced, Dried Zedoary Root, Dried Boesenbergia Rotunda, Long Pepper, Dried Copra, Corn Cob Meal, Palm Kernel Meal, Palm Bunch Ash, Arenga Fiber, Arenga Fibre Broom, Grass Broom, Pumice Stone, etc for  industrial & retail customers  local & international.


We are established base on quality, reliability and trust  also our product have certificate & registered by Indonesia Export Authority. Our company is providing services and benefits through our products. As a solution products, benefit and industrial product applications. We hope it will be a great opportunity to be your partnership with a long-term  for a better future.

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