Kapok Waste










Kapok waste is kapok recycling made from the process of kapok fiber which is excess factory kapok waste from kapok fiber production in factory or manufacture into fibers that can be reused into other textile products. The recycling process includes assessing the quality of kapok fibers through systematics collection, manually sorting the materials, and undergoing a mechanical to break down the kapok waste fiber into reusable fibers.

Kapok waste recycled is less durable than virgin kapok fiber due to the shorter length of recycled kapok fibers which result from mechanical recycling and the color is yellowish, brown and dark brown. Therefore, recycled kapok waste is often used in products that do not require high-quality kapok fibers such as filling bedding and spinning yarn textile, etc. recycling of kapok waste mitigates wastage and can be a more sustainable alternative to disposal.



Usage of kapok waste natural materials that can absorb a large amount of oil have recently received a lot of interest as sorbents to clean up oil spills in seawater and also kapok waste use for lower grade for filling product textile industry. Reusability test results suggest that after ten cycles, the oil absorbency of against engine oil, vegetable oil, and diesel oil, respectively. A comparison of the oil sorption capacity of kapok waste and cotton waste blends with other sorbents was also presented. According this case that kapok waste /waste cotton nonwovens could become an important sorbent for oil spill clean-up and can be more sustainable alternative to disposal ( zero waste ).



Specification        :  Kapok waste 100%

Moisture              :  Max 8%

Color                   :  Mixed Natural brown, yellowish dark brown.

Fiber length         :  Max 0 – 2 mm mixed

Certificate            :  Fumigation, Phytosanitary, Origin of Country, Etc

Capacity               :  150 – 200 Tons / monthly

Packimg                :  100 kgs / 50 kgs / 25 kgs  each bale.

MOQ                     :  20” or 40’HC or LCL request by order.

Shipping               :  FOB / CFR / CIF

Origin                   :  Indonesia.

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