Arenga Fibre – Arenga Pinnata Gumati Fibre

Arenga fibre also know as arenga pinnata fiber or other name a arenga java gumati fibre is a natural fiber made from harvested a species of palm tree arenga pinnata tree also know as the sugar palm tree that grows one of in Indonesia or some south east tropical asia countries also. The fiber is harvested that surrounding the trunk of the Arenga palm tree by hand climbing the tree. The fiber colour is black brown and as one of the hardest natural fibre.

Usage benefits of arenga fibre are It is highly resistant to seawater, and has been used for cordage on ships, brushes and brooms all over the world can be found filled with Arenga Fibre for cleaning floors, streets and household applications. Other uses include rope making, which is resistant to sunlight and saltwater, manufacture of sieves, in the construction of roofs and even to reinforce concrete also it’s have hard wearing qualities and durability, the best quality for eco green and eco-friendly materials.

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